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Sandi Burton

Wife, Mom, Business Consultant

“Play by the rules but be ferocious.”
– Phil Knight

About Me

Business is something you can’t go without. Whatever job you have, you’re bound to need some business skills to get you where you need to be. But this skill doesn’t always come naturally to some, which is why I’m here. 

I’m not here to run your business for you, but instead give you the tools to reach the potential of the company and yourself in it. Born a boomer and evolving in the Gen X realm, I have the ability to combine old-school business success with modern technological innovations to help any business reach the peak of management success. 

I have two souls – the first is one that belongs to my personal life, and the other is what I put into every single business I consult with. I don’t just provide business consulting services, but instead immerse myself into every single position in your company – including your customers – to discover where I can make a difference in growth, resilience, and profitability. 

30 Years’ Experience

Not to disclose my age, but I’ve worked with numerous high-profile and small startup companies throughout my professional career – which gives me insight into different markets, businesses, and recipes for success

Experience in Healthcare

I’ve worked with many small medical clinics who knew a ton about medicine, but very little about business. After my help, they learned the difference between the two and how they could grow their clinics into fully-operational businesses.

Why Work With Me?


Just to give you an idea, I’ve worked for Marriott, its iterations, and Sodexo – both of which are large companies. Then I’ve worked with a start-up social media company that’s now serving over 7,000 clients. In other words, I’m as flexible and versatile as they come!

Broad Background,
Bright Future

With my experience in different industries, I have developed the ability to work with a non-profit today and professional sports tomorrow. Regardless of the industry, my bottom line is to empower businesses to reach their potential.

Facts About Sandi

Here are a few facts about me that warrant a bit of bragging rights

The only female food service general manager in an NBA/NHL professional sports arena in the 90’s. Here, I ran a $10m operation and managed 400 employees.

Opened Safeco Field, which is now T-Mobile Park, for the Seattle Mariners and oversaw a $38m operation and 1200 employees.

I started my career in stadiums and arenas. In this space, I ran programs at the University of Washington, Dallas Reunion Arena, Safeco Field and consulted and created a national training program for the NACC (National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires) – which is still in use.

I’ve also done a lot in the healthcare environment. I  ran food programs in hospitals and retirement communities in the Providence Health Care and Senior Services systems. 

After 5 years in a social media marketing and reputation management startup, In true sandwich generation fashion, I stopped working to focus on taking care of my family. Disclaimer, this was around the time where businesses laughed at the idea of using Facebook as a marketing tool.

I went in to help a friend out at her husband's naturopathic specialty practice and ended up staying and running the clinic. After my experience caring my parents and in-laws, and working in  healthcare communities, medical environments feel very comfortable and intuitive to me.

I own and run a successful vacation rental house in Mexico, for which we have over 70 five-star reviews and a Premier Host title. I’ve also helped others both set-up their own rental companies and often managed them as well.

On the personal side, I’ve been wife to my husband for ten years, a mother of two kids and my husband’s two kids, and then we have three “bonus kids”, who are friends of our kids. We also have two cats, a dog, and a “bonus dog” from the neighbors who makes himself at home in our house on a daily basis.

Leaves Shadow

Get In Touch

I’m based in Shoreline, WA, and I’m ready to help your business move forward, up, sideways, and beyond. Contact me to set up a meeting!

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