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Business Plan

Growth Management

Already having a few dollars in your pocket is an excellent achievement, but getting past stagnancy is a challenge when you’ve already gotten used to your way of doing business. All things considered, you feel your business has reached a certain level of success, so why aren’t you growing if you’ve already come this far?


Growth management is an excellent way of evaluating what you’ve achieved, how you achieved it, and what you need to do differently to reach even more success. What I’ll do, is get directly involved in your business, compare all the variables, and find the perfect plan for you to grow further.

Modern Work Space

Management Booster

Being a manager, executive, or leader is a tough position to be in. Not only are you responsible for the company’s growth, but you also need to empower others who work under you to further the company. We often get so overwhelmed as managers, that we don’t necessarily know where to go or what to do next.


In my practice, I help business managers get to grips with their roles as an essential part of elevating the business and empowering others. This means equipping the manager – that’s you – with various managerial qualities, tips, and tools to achieve success both in terms of profit and leadership.

Growth Management
Management Booster

Change Preparation
& Adaptation

Working Together

Change is an overwhelming event for almost every business. It requires a lot of re-learning, training, and adapting – which is challenging for all employees. If not implemented and managed correctly from the start, change can have a serious impact on your business – and not in the way you might hope.


Not to worry, though! I can help evaluate your current systems and processes to determine how we can best approach change. Through my tools, your business can prepare and adapt to new systems with little to no problems. Instead, you can venture into change with a prosperous outlook and a pro-active system.

Change Preparation
Business Growth

Financial Assistance

Financing and accounting are two of the most important factors of your business. Why? Because the very reason you’re running a profitable business is to grow your profits. If you’re not sure what comes in and where it goes, there might be a problem or unmanageable expenses. That’s where I come in!


I come from a family of accountants, which means I can work with bookkeepers, CPAs, and CFOs. But that’s not all, I can even sketch out T accounts to speak their same language. If your business needs a helping hand to figure out the numbers, you’ve come to the right person!

Financial Assistance
Business Meeting

Digital Transformation

Technology, am I right? Let’s face it, every business on Earth should have some sort of digital system, but that’s not always the case. In fact, where some companies have outdated technology, others are still completely doing everything manually. Whether you want to upgrade your current digital systems, implement new ones, or look at a few more options, I can handle it.


I’ve done my fair share of system evaluations with digital tools to consolidate where possible. This means simplifying processes and saving costs on outdated and expensive digital products. I can also help boost online security using new and advanced tools – that’s right, say goodbye to “Password123” for good!

Digital Transformation

Human Resources Services

People management can be extremely challenging and rewarding! It’s not like working on computer systems; every single person reacts differently to their working environment. Managing two or three employees might be manageable, but when you have an entire office – or three – of employees to manage, it’s a somewhat different situation. And that’s not to mention new talent!


I’ve managed up to 1,200 employees and have done a significant amount of training in the HR environment. I can help your company with recruiting, onboarding, and general HR policies and practices.

Strategy Development
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